Retirement planning should be easy

Are you prepared for it?

67% of Singaporeans indicated that they expect to outlive their retirement funds, and would not have enough money to last through retirement.

Are you worried about outliving your income? That’s a risk that you may be able to do something about.

What are annuity plans?

Annuity plans provides a reliable stream of income during your retirement years, so that you can have peace of mind while enjoying your golden years.

A safer alternative compared to traditional investments.

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Why should you invest?

*Above diagram is for illustration purposes and is not to be interpreted as a policy contract. benefit amount and premium payment might vary for different customers. For more information, please fill in your details and have a consultation with our consultant.

We believe that every client is different

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Key Features


Peace of Mind

Don’t worry about outliving your retirement nest egg anymore!


Guaranteed monthly income and potential bonuses

Receive a guaranteed monthly income + additional monthly income every month to live out your retirement comfortably.


Flexible income payout period

Flexibility to choose the period that you wish to receive your retirement income. Early retirement at 55? No problem. Want to have payouts for life? Our plan will cater to your needs.


Built in protection for disability

At an older age, our health becomes more vulnerable. Receive double of your Guaranteed Monthly Income in the event of loss of independence, depending on the severity. 

In the end, we only regret the decisions we failed to make

Make yours now.


The polictically correct answer is….. As early as possible. The earlier you start the lesser you have to save to achieve your goals. We have clients as young as 30 years old and as old as 65 years old. Majority of our client start from age 40 onwards. Fill in the form above, and our consultants will get in touch with you for a short chat.

It depends on the individual client’s situation. Their savings and retirement goals might be different. We have clients that set aside savings of $300 a month and we also have those that set aside savings of $7,000 a month. Basically if you have the ability to save $10/day we would like to help. Fill in the form above to have a short chat with us, and see how we can help you achieve your retirement goals.

Whether it is a product with an investment or savings element would depend on the individual client’s situation and risk profile. Our consultants are trained to do proper fact-find and needs analysis before any solutions are recommended. This way we will get to ensure that every client receive the most suitable solution. Fill in the form above, and our consultants will get in touch with you.

Usually we would need to meet the client at least 2 times before any meaningful solutions can be recommended. It will typically take 45 minutes per appointment. Some clients might require more time depending on their situation. Retirement is a moving target and we recommend a yearly review of your retirement planning to ensure that it is up-to-date

Expats are welcome. In fact they make up about 20% of our clients. Starting a retirement plan in Singapore can offer numerous advantages. Contact us using the form above and have a short chat with us.